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East Coast Weather

--for the meterologist in all of us---

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Welcome to East Coast Weather!

This is a community for discussing any and all weather-related events that occur between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mississippi.

Feel free to talk about hurricaines, blizzards, bright sunny days...

as long as it's happening in the east!

You do NOT have to be from the east coast to join or post, but all posts MUST be about east coast weather. Honestly, I don't really care if it's raining in Seattle or if it's snowing in Santiago. If there's a blizzard in New York or a hurricaine in Florida, I do care.

For those of you on the west coast, feel free to join w_coast_weather, which is moderated by my friend musicman474747

I also recommend

weathernerds and twc_aficionados as general weather communities. Actually, you probably found us through one of those communities, so yea :-P

A Note about Cross-Posting:

Try not to do it. Most of us are in one of the general weather communities, so chances are we'll see it anyway.

If it's in one of the general weather communities and it pertains to the east coast, feel free to x-post it.

However, please do NOT x-post things that have been posted here, first. That's an absolute.

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Comments, questions or suggestions?

I'm open for IM at fireroseboudicca, msn at fir3r0s3@yahoo.com, or email at the same address